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Our Mission

Dushee International is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and implementing transformative solutions. Our mission is to bolster and empower individuals through the pervasive influence of creative expression, realized through philanthropic initiatives and educational workshops. We are fervently committed to seamlessly intertwining art and education, delivering meaningful and impactful solutions. Whether you are in search of a distinctive gift or seeking comprehensive training in arts, leadership, or business development, Dushee is your steadfast partner in unlocking unique possibilities and fostering personal and professional growth. Embrace the extraordinary with Dushee, where something special awaits you.


"Our Vision is to become the leading provider of our high-quality products for our hand-painted silk scarves, and government clients. We aim to inspire confidence. We are committed to hiring, training, and equipping individuals to eliminate unemployment and positively impact communities while providing and creating unique and stunning designs that showcase the beauty of silk fabric and the skill of our artists. In addition, we provide personalized and attentive service to each of our valued customers to make them feel special, beautiful, and unique. We also promote art education, business development, and craft creation to a wider audience. "


Dushee International proudly offers a diverse range of services designed to elevate individuals and businesses:

  1. Arts and Creative Workshops:

    • Engage in immersive experiences such as scarf customization, painting and drawing sessions, and fashion illustration and design workshops.

  2. Education Development:

    • Empower yourself with our educational programs that foster personal and professional growth, providing a foundation for lifelong learning.

  3. Business Development:

    • Unlock the potential of your entrepreneurial endeavors with our business development services, tailored to enhance strategy, innovation, and sustainable growth.

  4. Job Creation Initiatives:

    • Join us in our commitment to expanding opportunities by participating in initiatives focused on job creation, contributing to a positive impact on communities and economies.

  5. Scarf and Resort Wear Boutique:

    • Explore our exclusive collection of handcrafted scarfs, handbag bows, and twillies made with the utmost attention to quality and design. Make a statement and shop with us today for unique and stylish accessories that reflect your individuality.

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