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About  Michelle Dushee'

Dr. Michelle Dushee Williams is a multifaceted professional who is dedicated to inspiring and empowering others. As an accomplished educator, designer, author, and lead developer, Dr. Williams is well-versed in a variety of fields, including education, fashion illustration and design, and electrical electronics technology. Her expertise and passion for these areas are reflected in the many books and educational manuals she has written, as well as her widely read blog posts on arts, learning, and leadership.

As a designer, Dr. Williams' unique creative vision is reflected in her beautiful scarves, installations, and prophetic art. Inspired by flowers and arrays of colors, her design concepts are the result of much rumination, resulting in innovative and stunning creations that have earned her a loyal following. Dr. Williams' accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, with features in Hour and Source magazines, Sterling Heights News, and presently at the Northville Arthouse, as well as interviews on On-TV.

Overall, Dr. Michelle Dushee Williams is an accomplished and passionate professional who has inspired and motivated countless individuals in her various roles. Her dedication to empowering others, coupled with her expertise and creative vision, make her an asset to any team or project.



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