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“Dushee International in MI is an excellent source for buying scarves, educating, and product development. The quality of their products is excellent and their customer service is second to none. They have always been very helpful and accommodating when I need something. Highly recommend! .”

-- Bill T



“Dushee International is  passionate about fashion and wellness, I can attest to the transformative power of educating individuals in the realm of fashion accessories and education. Through comprehensive learning, individuals not only refine their personal style but also gain insights into the symbiotic relationship between fashion choices and overall well-being. Integrating education further amplifies the impact, enabling individuals to articulate their unique perspectives, advocate for self-expression, and inspire others within the fashion and education, and community. 


Ms. Hawkins-Mansion


" Her hand-painted scarves were worn at Michigan Fashion Designers Showcase Luncheon, they are beautiful.”

-American Association of Univeristy Women-

" Her scarfs are beautiful and very well crafted, I absolutely love my scarf it is top of the line and very well crafted from the packaging to the card "

Ms. Perry

 " Dushee' Painted materials for me. She is truly a talented women and accessories designer.

Dushee's design esthetic embraces beauty, from the bold colors inspired by local artwork to the elegant patterns reminiscent of indigenous textiles 


Every piece feels like a work of art in itself."

LaJuana McCaskill, ATIV

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